Edible Arrangements-Bee Cave

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Company Information

Member Edible Arrangements-Bee Cave
11905 Bee Cave Rd.  Suite 105-B
Austin, TX 78735
Website www.edible.com
Email mrs.nancy.rocha@gmail.com
Phone 512-937-1744
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Member Since 11/26/2018
Business Categories Bakery/Restaurant

Business Description

We love to put smiles on people's faces. Come into the store for a fresh-fruit salad or a fresh-fruit smoothie. We also have balloons and treats for the kiddos, like granny Smith apple donuts or pineapple pops. Order a hostess gift or a centerpiece arrangement for any occasion!

Edible Arrangements-Bee Cave
11905 Bee Cave Rd., Suite 105-B

Austin, TX 78735