Neuhaus Realty Group

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Member Neuhaus Realty Group
11525 Emerald Falls Dr  
Austin, TX 78738
Phone 512-366-3270
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Member Since 10/29/2015
Business Categories Real Estate

Business Description

Neuhaus Realty Group was established in 2009 as a retail real estate brokerage to help our clients buy and sell properties outside of their investment properties. While real estate investmentis alargepart of what we do, we also know that our clients need help buying and selling their person real estate as well. Co Founders and Brokers Ed Neuhaus and Stephen Smith designed a client centered brokerage geared to handle the ever changing demands of our clients.

Neuhaus Realty Group is uniquely positioned with agents on the ground in Houston, Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth, and San Antonio. We have bought and sold everything from commercial buildings and multi-family to studio condos, single family homes, and lake front estates. We are not the biggest or the flashiest but we know how to get the job done for our clients.

Please consider giving us a call when it comes time to move or add to your real estate portfolio. We are here to help.

Neuhaus Realty Group
11525 Emerald Falls Dr
Austin, TX 78738